A Fun Phonics Series

Can you remember your favourite picture book as a child? Did it have brilliant illustrations, lovable characters and an engaging story that you read over and over?

If you answered yes, then you will love our new A Fun Phonics Series and so will your child!

This new phonics storybook series is designed to introduce your child to the exciting world of reading. What makes this series different from other picture books on the market? The Fun Phonics Series is not just a stand-alone book. It is a comprehensive A-Z series of educational phonics books; each with a moral that will guide your child through all stages of their development.


Building relationships

As parents, we love reading books to our little ones – even before they can talk! The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has highlighted the important role parents have in their child’s educational development and performance.

1) Consistent reading strengthens parent-child relationships at a crucial time in your child’s life.

2)  When deciding what to read to your child, why not consider an educational series that is designed specifically to prepare your child’s mind for language!

This one of a kind educational storybook series will stimulate your child’s love of reading, while developing the literacy skills that will last a lifetime!


Developing basic phonics skills

Once your little one starts to read they will want to get their hands on as many books as they can! Why not give them a storybook with vivid illustrations and charismatic characters?

Each book in A Fun Phonics Series is designed to develop your child’s phonics skills for a certain letter sound. Correct pronunciation of letter sounds is the foundation of reading and writing. By mastering phonics, your child can go on to read any text accurately, fluently and confidently!

Your child will fall in love with Anna the Ant, Ben the Bear and Caitlin the Caterpillar; our new exciting characters. Watch as they make their way through the phonics alphabet, learning a new lesson each time!


Features you will love:

  • A comprehensive series that covers all phonics sounds.
  • Fun new characters such as Anna the Ant, Ben the Bear and Caitlin the Caterpillar.
  • Engaging phonic-based narratives.
  • Brilliant illustrations and colourful graphics.
  • Accompanying workbook to further develop your child’s phonics skills.
  • A key lesson is taught in each book to guide your child through all stages of development.


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