11 Nov 2015
How to Teach Your Child to be a Leader

Some children are born leaders; prime ministers or CEOs in the making. Other children are naturally quieter and more reserved. But all children have the skills of leadership within them, waiting to become our future politicians, captains of industry and community leaders.

What does leadership look like in an educational setting? Think of the leaders in your daily lives, and the qualities we expect them to display: leading by example, encouraging cooperation, and strategically planning for the future. These are the qualities we expect from students and their educators.

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26 Oct 2015
Is Your Child Ready for School?

Starting school is a big step. It is the beginning of your child’s educational journey. In New South Wales, children are able to start kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 31 July in that year.

But does this mean they are ready?

School readiness is about much more than age. It is about whether your child is emotionally and physically ready to face the challenges that come with starting school for the first time.

A difficult decision many parents face is whether to send their child to school or to hold them back, especially if their birthday falls towards the end of the year.

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09 Oct 2015
Making Friends with Phonics

As your child starts school for the first time, they will face a number of new opportunities and challenges. One key skill that they will develop is their reading ability. But learning to read for the first time can be a daunting task for both children and their parents. This is where “phonics” can help. Many parents of new readers will have heard about the connection between “phonics” and reading. But what are phonics? And why are they so important?

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15 Jul 2015
How To Give Your Child A Head Start In Life

We all know that children love stories! In nearly every household,countless hours are spent reading books – falling in love with new characters and adventures each time. But have you ever wondered how beneficial these special moments are for your child?

As an infact, a toddler and throughout primary school,your child will reap the rewards of being constantly immersed in books. If you read to your child throughout their early development, you will give them an invaluable headstart in life!

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