Children’s Internet Monitor App




Are you worried about what your child can access on the internet? Is your child spending too much time online?
Curbi is an app that allows parents to monitor and block the content their children can access on their individual devices, restoring confidence to parents who may be concerned that their child is spending too much time online, or accessing inappropriate content.



Curbi is very easy to use with three main functions:
1. CURB device usage – allows you to block sites at certain times of the day, such as study and bedtime.
2. BLOCK inappropriate content – permanently blocks adult and damaging content.
3. WATCH over usage – parents can see how much time is spent on each site.



Why it’s our favourite:

• The simple layout
• Blocks content around crucial times of the day- i.e. ‘Bedtime’ and ‘Study time.’
• Gives structure to your child’s day.
• Helps encourage good study habits.
• Doesn’t prevent your child from making emergency calls.
• Not as invasive as other products, so it appears as more of an organisational tool than a watchdog.
Curbi is just what you need if you wish to monitor your child’s web activity, and at $6.99 a month, the price is reasonable as well!


Available from Apple’s App store and Curbi website





Mobicip is an App that allows you to have full access to your child’s internet usage and browsing information. But Mobicip isn’t just a control app; it comes with some other very clever features that we love!

  • Mobicip allows users to remotely manage the content that their children can access on the internet from a central device.
  • It provides alerts when a child tries to access inappropriate content.
  • Parents can set time limits on internet usage during certain times of the day.
  • It allows you to easily override websites and content that have been blocked.

Why it’s our favourite:
  • Parents can configure their child’s school device with the internet filter settings, so you can be assured that your child remains safe online at all times!
  • Time limits can help encourage good study habits.
  • The pop-up alert,This has been blocked for your safety, reminds children that it is in their best interests to have their internet data monitored, and not a means for parents to invade their privacy.

Mobicip can be downloaded as a free BASIC PACKAGE or a PREMIUM PACKAGE for $39.95 per year.Available from Apple’s App storeand