Finn Finds a Friend

ISBN: Paperback 978-0-994421-12-8
Hardback 978-0-994421-13-5
eBook 978-0-994421-19-7
Retail Price: Paperback $12.95

Hardback $19.95

eBook $3.99

Genre/Category: Children’s Fiction
Target Audience: For Pre-school (guided by parents and teachers) and primary school age.
Size/Pages: 8.5 X 8.5 (216 X 216mm)/48 pages
Format: Paperback and Hardback
Illustrations: 20
Country of Publication: Australia
Author: Little Geniuses Publishing

Book Description: Finn the fish is lonely; he has no friends to play with. Improve your counting skills and join Finn on his quest as he asks feet, footballs, ferns and flyers to be his friend. Help Finn learn that it is not the number of friends that we have, but the quality of our friends that is important.

Help your child get a head-start and build essential English skills through this educational and engaging book. By introducing one phonic sound per book, this series teaches your child to correctly pronounce and read words in a fun and easy way. Be prepared to see your child’s reading fluency, spelling ability and confidence skyrocket!

About the Author: Little Geniuses Publishing originated as a small tutoring business, comprised of a group of teachers who shared a passion for education. We had the common vision of helping all children reach their full academic potential, whether they were behind, average or ahead of the curve. Featuring tailored educational plans, comprehensive learning methods and professional teachers, it was not surprising that Little Geniuses quickly grew into a flourishing business, helping more and more children achieve success!

At Little Geniuses, we believe that ‘no one is born a genius’. The most diligent, talented and organised children students are nurtured with these skills at a young age. We believe that the Fun Phonics Series gives your child a head start in life, to develop their interest in learning and to prepare them for language.

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